Scoring system in ICU?

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Do you use TISS-28 or similar scoring system in ICU for all patients? What is averige TISS-28 score in your ICU?

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And the doctors do it. We have bimonthly M&M meetings - Morbidity and Mortality meetings where our outcomes are measured against the APACHE3. Since APACHE3 was developed in the 80's we should do better than the prediction but the word is that we did MUCH MUCH better - so I am rather proud of that!!!


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Thanks Gwenith,

But do you use some tools for nurse workload mesurement? TISS 28 is most popular in practice. How do you use scoring system? After every shifts or ....

Just nurse workload, not patient status.

We rate the patients by acuity and intensity, not sure exactly how it works maybe someone could elaborate on this.

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