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Scored 66% ON the FCCA


Specializes in Medsurg, LTC.

Hi there, I took the FCCA head to toe some days ago and got 40/60 right, I had a few problems during the exam, at first power went out, then I had to switch to a laptop the system froze and it says it wasn't saving my answers so I switched back to a desktop, I got so side tracked but was still sure I passed until I came up with 66% score, it says this isnt the final grade, does anyone know if they can go in a manually grade my exam to see if there are errors and perhaps missed unsaved answers? Has anyone ever found themselves in this boat before and then passed? Am lost, please help, I have called the school and spoke to an advisor who told me to call the exam administrator, I called and was told that there was no one available, I was advised to send an email which I did but its been days and I haven't gotten an answer. Does anyone know something I don't know.

Hi lizzyreg, I know this is an old, but I am in the same boat. I just failed managing mult pts. I had similar issues, the site crashed, I had to log into another computer, then my answers were not being saved. Did you ever get an answer? I emailed tech support and test admin, and they said it will take 5 days. However, I need to register next week for the new session. Did you make it thru? I'm sure you did.