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What is considered a good score on the NET?

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I made 88 on the overall composite math, and 73 on the overall composite reading. The associate dean of nursing for the school where I will apply said, "Congratulations, those are great grades."

BUT.....we only had to have 50 on math and 50 on reading in order to apply. So, it really depends on your school's requirements.


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At my school a 50 on each test is considered acceptable, and then the average te two grades. A 50 is considered the average grade, so if you if score anywhere above 50 your score is above average. I was a little upset when I found out that I scored a 74 on the reading part until the system was explained to me. I had a 94 on the math porton and they averaged the two grades so get my final score. They said my grades were great also.

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