Score high on the TEAS EXAM


Hey guys so I'm about to take the TEAS exam and I'm nervous. I've set aside ample time to study and go over sections that I don't feel too confident in.

I bought the TEAS V study guide but it seems a bit vague and not a lot of information. Is the test really like the study guide or does it go more in dept?

So my question is how did yall pass the exam and aced it. Any other resources that are a must?

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Your best bet to see what the test is really like is to take the practice assessments that you can buy off of the ATI Testing website. If you have the ATI TEAS book, that's really great too. If you take the online assessments though, that will tell you precisely what you need to work on.


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I've bought the TEAS study guide test that you get when you purchase the exam

and I did fairly well on it.

I should probably buy another book as well too. Any suggestions

greatly appreciate it

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I also bought "TEAS V Secrets", that helped too!


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I also bought the TEAS V secrets along with ATI book. I went through and read it and really concentrated on the parts I had trouble with. After studying some, I did the practice tests in the back of the books.