Scope of Practice in Hemodialysis

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I am currently working in a hemodialysis unit which is a free-standing clinic as an LPN. I would like to know if anyone can tell me what the scope of practice is for an LPN in hemodialysis in comparision to an RN in hemodialysis. I am continuing my education towards my RN and want to know how much (if any) my responsiblities will change.

Just the way I started back in '87... Only I was too expensive because I couldn't do anymore than a tech. Watch the RN's in your unit and see what they do. Each state has different laws about what each nurse can doLPN/RN. I was pushed out when epo first came in because I couldn't give IV push meds except heparin. The state of Maine keeps taking that task away from LPN's until someone reminds them that techs are doing it and then they re-instate the practice. Another patient told me that only RN's can access his tesio's in FLA but here in Maine even the techs can. Only thing techs can't do here is make antibiotics, give epo, infed, calcijex, or s.c. like Hep B vaccines. Hope this helps you. Dialysis gets in your blood doesn't it. You either love it or you hate it...

I enjoy working in hemodialysis. It's a totally different world of nursing. I don't like feeling as if I'm "just a tech". I experienced more than many of the RN's that I work with but they don't respect me as a nurse at all. I am allowed to give medications but only an RN can draw up IV medications in a multi-dose vial in NJ so I don't get the opportunity to draw meds. I am allowed to chart on patients but I don't have a specific assignment for charting. I just chart when necessary. I enjoy getting to know the patients and their families on a more personal level than when I worked in the hospital. I just wish I could be more of a nurse and not just a "tech" with a license if you know what I mean....

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