Scope of Practice in Federal Facility?

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Good morning, all! I am a GS nurse manager in a military medical facility and am trying to find out if/how the nursing scope of practice is different in the facility (since it is on federal property) than the state we are located in. We are trying to troubleshoot some staffing issues (LPN and RN) and I am getting recommendations and advice from a lot of different stake holders that just doesn't feel right. I want to utilize my staff in the best way possible while making sure I am protecting my license as well as my staff. I appreciate any guidance or resources you all may have!

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The nursing scope of practice on a federal facility is technically defined by VA itself.  However, in practice usually each VA facility chooses to follow the laws of the state that it resides in.  Usually the nurse practice act for the state you reside in is usually a good bet.  

But, as the saying goes, if you've seen one VA then you've seen one VA.  Double check with your facilities' own rules.

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