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Science Section TEAS V

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this site and I just have some questions regarding the science section on the TEAS exam. First off, what kind of earth science questions do they ask? Are there a lot of those kinds of questions? Also, what kind of chemistry questions can I expect? Thanks all!

The science section is pretty random, unfortunately. But on my test I only had 2 chemistry questions- one was balancing a formula, and the other about acids. Everyone gets a different test so I don't think I can tell you exactly what to study. Just as long as you give yourself enough time to study and make sure to go over things you don't quite understand, you will be good. Good Luck!

Thank you for your response nlitened! I take my exam soon and I'm so nervous! I can't wait to just be done with it. Also, is the math section similar to what is within the ATI book? Because that is how I am studying.

Thanks nlitened for your response! Would you say that the math section is similar to the ATI study book? Math is kind of a weak subject for me and I dread this section of the test more than anything!

I agree with nlitened, that you pretty much have to prepare for all of it. Study the ATI manual thoroughly with particular effort on your weak areas. After you feel ready, then take one of the practice exams. Mark the questions as you go along taking the test with a '?' next to those that you are not confident. Grade the exam and pay particular attention to those that you answered incorrectly but thought were correct, and to those that you were unsure about (whether correctly answered or not). Be sure when doing so that you actually read that ATI manual's explanation for answers to these questions. Re-study all of those difficult areas. The goal is to continually zero in on your weak areas. Repeat the whole process by taking sample exam 2... and if needed additional sample tests.

I purchased McGraw-Hill also because it has 5 additional practice exams. If you do this then repeat the same way by marking your questions, re-studying, etc... By practice exam 7 (i.e. 2 ATI and 5 McGraw-Hill), you should be doing much better overall. Somewhere in there, you should also be timing your exams...

Resources that I used:

1. ATI Study Manual (has 2 practice exams, and this one is the most important, in my opinion)

2. McGraw-Hill's "5 TEAS Practice Tests"

3. ATI online practice forms A & B

4. TEAS® Exam Practice Questions - Raise Your Test of Essential Academic Skills™ Score with our unofficial TEAS® Review Strategies (additional sample tests).

5. Khans Academy (I especially used this resource for the chemistry stuff and the cellular stuff)

Note: I found the ATI online practice tests to be more difficult than any of the others. Don't panic if you suddenly score worse than the others. Just use it as yet another tool to go back and dig into the material that you missed.

Good luck!




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