University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire (UW-Eau Claire) College of Nursing and Health Sciences

The University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire (UW-Eau Claire) College of Nursing and Health Sciences offers CCNE accredited BSN, MSN, and DNP degree programs as well as NP, CNS, and post-graduate certificate programs. Students Schools Scholarships

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  • Accreditations CCNE Accredited
  • Location Eau Claire, Wisconsin
  • Programs BSN, DNP, MSN, RN-to-BSN, Entry-Level BSN, CNS, NP, BSN-to-DNP, Post-grad Certificate, Other
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In 1916, The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (UW-Eau Claire) was founded and is a public institution.

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences, established in 1965, offers a variety of nursing programs from undergraduate to post-graduate DNP level. UW-Eau Claire is proud to be the only public university in northwestern and north-central Wisconsin that offers a baccalaureate nursing degree.


Traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Traditional BSN Admission Requirements (not all inclusive)

  • Completed at least 30 semester credits with total cumulative GPA of at least 3.00
  • Completed at least three required natural science courses with GPA of at least 2.50
  • Grade of "C" or better in all courses required for nursing
  • Health Care Provider level CPR certification
  • Current or previous certification as a Nursing Assistant

BSN@Home Completion Program (RN to BSN)

The BSN@Home Completion Program is offered 100% online, leaving the student the option to work and go to school. The BSN@Home prepares the graduate for graduate level education.

There are six collaboration partners part of the UW-System in the BSN Completion Program through BSN at Home:

  1. UW-Eau Claire
  2. UW-Green Bay
  3. UW-Madison
  4. UW-Milwaukee
  5. UW-Oshkosh
  6. UW-Stevens Point

Completion time on average is 1.5 years. The BSN is awarded from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, if the student selects UW-Eau Claire as the home institution. Then the student will select one of the other five institutions that school will award the degree. The degree, no matter what school awards it, is fully accredited and approved by the Wisconsin State Board of Nursing and the CCNE.

Eligible Applicants

Wisconsin RNs must hold an Associate Degree or Diploma in Nursing with a 2.5 cumulative GPA. Coursework is completed online, though some of the partner universities require one or more classes on campus.


Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

There are two tracks for the Master of Science in Nursing program: Adult-Gerontologic Health Nursing and Family Health Nursing. The program also provides the education to become functional in a role as nurse educator or administrator.

Adult-Gerontologic Health Nursing

Adult-Gerontologic Health Nursing is focused on the care for the older adult.

Family Health Nursing

Family Health Nursing has the focus on the entire family.

Functional Role Preparation

The other part of the curriculum focuses on the role of a nurse educator. Nurses can go on to become entry level nurse educators. The nurse administrator preparation has the focus on population and knowledge of skills in the role of nurse administration. Students are prepared to enter beginner or mid-level nurse administrator positions.

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

The DNP program offers a clinical doctorate as well as two options for nurses to assume roles as a nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, or nurse executive.

There are options for the MSN-to-DNP and post-baccalaureate BSN-to-DNP. The MSN-to-DNP option offers advanced clinical practice options or a nurse executive. The BSN-to-DNP option includes adult-gerontological primary care nurse practitioner, family nurse practitioner, adult-gerontological clinical nurse specialist, and nurse administrator/nurse executive (adult-gerontological or family population focus).

For post-master's students, the program includes 29-30 credits of nursing courses offered over three terms and two years of part-time study. The post-baccalaureate option requires 68-73 credits with full-time (three year completion) and part-time (four- and five-year completion) plans available.

Accreditation and Approval

The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) accredited the BSN, MSN, and DNP programs.

The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

The State Board of Nursing approved the BSN, MSN, and DNP degree programs.


US News & World Report (2019)

  • #38 (tie) in Regional Universities Midwest
  • #23 (tie) in Best Colleges for Veterans
  • #57 in Best Value Schools
  • #5 (tie) in Top Public Schools
  • #146 (tie) in Best Nursing Schools: Master's
  • #97 (tie) in Best Nursing Schools: Doctor of Nursing Practice

Niche (2019)

  • Top Public Universities in America #124 of 672
  • Best College Campuses in America #175 of 1,408
  • Best Colleges for Nursing in America #208 of 599
  • Best Value Colleges in America #268 of 1,590
  • Colleges with the Best Student Life in America #285 of 1,542
  • Safest College Campuses in America #294 of 1,357
  • Best College Locations in America #318 of 1,553
  • Best Colleges in America #355 of 1,647
  • Colleges with the Best Academics in America #450 of 1,591
  • Most Conservative Colleges in America #548 of 725
  • Most Diverse Colleges in America #1,263 of 1,592
  • Top Public Universities in Wisconsin #3 of 14
  • Best College Campuses in Wisconsin #5 of 33
  • Best Value Colleges in Wisconsin #6 of 35
  • Safest College Campuses in Wisconsin #6 of 32
  • Best Colleges in Wisconsin #7 of 35
  • Colleges with the Best Student Life in Wisconsin #7 of 34
  • Colleges with the Best Academics in Wisconsin #8 of 34
  • Best Colleges for Nursing in Wisconsin #9 of 16
  • Best College Locations in Wisconsin #10 of 34
  • Most Conservative Colleges in Wisconsin #13 of 18
  • Most Diverse Colleges in Wisconsin #26 of 35

Forbes (2019)

  • #421 Top Colleges
  • #141 in Public Colleges
  • #97 in the Midwest
  • #285 America's Best Value Colleges

MONEY Magazine ranked the university #180 Best Colleges For Your Money (2018-2019).

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