• Cincinnati State Technical and Community College (CState) Bethesda School of Nursing

    Cincinnati State Technical and Community College (CState) Bethesda School of Nursing offers ACEN accredited Practical Nursing (LPN) Certificates, the Associate of Applied Science Nursing degree (RN), and the LPN to RN Nursing programs.

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    Cincinnati State Technical and Community College (CState) was formed as a two-year technical institute for high school graduates in 1966.

    Academic Nursing Programs

    Practical Nursing Certificate

    The Cincinnati State Practical Nursing Certificate program offers classes at the Clifton Campus and the Great Oaks' Scarlet Oaks Campus. This program has three continuous semesters of day or evening classes. The curriculum is based concurrently on classroom education, clinicals, and clinical practice areas to practice skills in a safe environment before live clinical areas.

    Graduates are eligible to sit for the national standardized NCLEX-PN exam for licensure as a Practical Nurse. After passing the comprehensive exam, an LPN license will be issued.

    Enrollment Requirements (not all inclusive)

    • Current registration as a State Tested Nurse Aide prior to applying for Selective Admission
    • Criminal background check
    • CPR certification
    • Statement of health form
    • Total grade point average of 2.50 or higher
    • GPA of 2.00 or higher in math and science courses

    Registered Nurse (RN) Program – Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

    Graduates will earn an Associate's degree in Nursing; the Associate of Applied Science (AAS). To become a Registered Nurse, students must pass the national standardized nursing examination (NCLEX-RN).

    Application and Enrollment Requirements (not all inclusive)

    • Graduate of accredited high school or provide evidence of high school equivalency by GED scores
    • Grade of C or higher in high school or college biology, chemistry, and algebra completed within seven years of the application
    • College placement test scores must meet program requirements
    • Ohio state-tested nurse aide or LPN
    • Cumulative grade point average of 2.75 is required for entry into the clinical courses

    Other Requirements (not all inclusive)

    • Complete general education courses in the order listed in the curriculum
    • Minimum grade of C or Pass in curriculum courses, obtain satisfactory clinical evaluations, maintain required GPA
    • Pass nationally standardized comprehensive exam in order to pass the final semester of the course
    • Current certification in CPR for healthcare providers prior to taking clinical nursing courses
    • Recent physical exam
    • Up-to-date immunizations including Hepatitis B
    • Two-step TB skin test; must obtain an annual TB test to remain in the program
    • Drug Screening
    • Criminal background check

    Positive Criminal Background Check

    Students who wish to enter the program who have been convicted of felonies and/or misdemeanors must contact the Program Director to discuss his or her situation before applying for selective enrollment.

    A positive background check may result in a student being ineligible to enter the program. Students who are convicted of possession and/or distribution of controlled substances or have positive drug screens for non-prescription controlled substances while enrolled in the program are automatically dismissed.

    LPN to RN Progression Program

    Current Licensed Practical Nurses that hold an unencumbered Practical Nursing license are eligible to complete the Associate's degree nursing program.

    The Nursing LPN-to-RN Progression program shortens the time required to complete in the traditional Associates Degree program. Students enter into the Nursing course sequence at the third level, taking Bridge and Transition courses (NUR 105 and (NUR 106) instead of the course NUR 103.

    After the first semester of Nursing coursework, the LPN-to-RN student can apply for Advanced Standing credit in Nursing. The Advanced Standing credit is equivalent to one credit hour.

    The LPN-to-RN students also complete the non-nursing, prerequisite program requirements of the traditional Nursing program. During the final semester of the curriculum, the student must pass a nationally standardized comprehensive exam as part of the final theory grade. Graduates are then eligible to take the national standardized nursing examination (NCLEX-RN) and upon passing, become eligible for state licensure as Registered Nurses (RN).

    Lab and clinical experiences are included in nursing courses. Students meet three to four days or evenings a week. It is not recommended to work full time during this program because the academic load is also full time. There is an option for the LPN to pursue a traditional nursing program by completing required nursing courses over five semesters. This track is recommended for students having little clinical experience as an LPN.

    Accreditation and Approval

    The RN Nursing program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).

    Cincinnati State Technical and Community College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

    The Ohio Board of Nursing approved the Practical Nursing and RN programs.


    Cincinnati State ranks #120 of 851 Best Community Colleges in America and ranks #2 of 25 Best Community Colleges in Ohio per Niche.com (2018).

    NCLEX Pass Rates 2018

    • Registered Nurse (RN) - 93.94%
    • Practical Nurse (LPN) - 50%

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