Schools for board of nursing in california deficiency


Board of nursing in california sent me a letter saying i need to take obstetric nursing and medical surgical within 3 years. Waited 7 months for their response.

Any schools in san diego area that accepts board of nursing deficient classes. I have called kaplan which is brightwood college now and several other schools around the area but they do not accept students just for individual classes only. They only accepts the one's doing the whole nursing program.

Any schools you know that accepts my case?

I have read some threads here but most were from 3-4 years ago.

Anyone whos willing to suggest whats best to do regarding my case or anyone who's in the same case as mine. kindly email me at

thank you for taking your time reading my posts and hoping aomeone could help me.



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The best thing to do is to simply get the list off the CA BRN website of all the approved schools and call them and or e-mail them and keep a log of the contacts to see what's available to your case.

What happens here is that by the time, someone posts of a school offering the courses, there are many others from members to those just lurking and will immediately start their inquiries and goes from that school that needs students to now there's a waiting list that goes to a 1 to 4 plus years on a waiting list.

Use only those schools on the CA BRN approved list, any other school will not have the proper clearance from the CA BRN and then you've wasted your time and money for a piece of paper that's only worth the cost of that document.

You should be prepared to go outside of your immediate area and attend a school not even close to home but rather hundreds of miles away.

There are some threads that are with recent postings of CA schools you just need to keep searching for them here.

And yes, there's a 3 year limitation on completing your application from the application date or else, the CA BRN takes the stance you're no longer interested in finishing the application or simply could not provide them with the needed transcripts and will just place your application into the abandonment pile.

Remember you can't just be enrolled in the course as there's a chance you'll not pass the course itself or simply drop out for whatever reasons, they will need to get that finalized transcript document in their hands before the expiration date.

There's no refund of any fees once they open your application.