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Schools by the bay/SF


I couldn't find any recent posts to this question so here we go:

I am currently doing pre-reqs and I will be done within a year or less. I am feeling overwhelmed by the amount of programs in the bay area. I am looking for an RN program, but I feel every school either has a huge wait list, a lottery, or the program is extremely competitive!! Does anyone know of a good school in the bay area that does not have a wait list or is easier to get into? Give me some advice on how to get into a program! Also I have noticed that a lot of students apply at several RN programs at the same time, but how do you do that if some schools require different pre-reqs? I am SO overwhelmed!!! :(


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The bay area is extremely impacted. I don't think there are any schools w/out lottery or waitlists. Every school you apply to will be competitive. The best thing you can do is look at the requirements of the schools you are interested in. Know that you will need a high GPA & TEAS score. Volunteer or health care experience is also good to have. Taking a CNA course is a good idea as well. Make sure you try hard and do not become discouraged if you do not get in! Good luck!

Thank you so much!!! I appreciate your response.

Do not be overwhelmed.

If your finances can handle it, or you can put up with the thought of taking out loans, private schools are another route for you to go to. The wait time is less for private schools (you still have prereqs and TEAS test to do), but the flip-side is that the tuition is much higher.

Good luck!