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Hello Everyone!

I'm interested in possibly attending Schoolcraft for the LPN program however, I've been hearing horror stories about the TEAS entrance exam. I'm not really good at math. Let's say if I score REALLY low on the math part can I re-take that portion of the exam? or do they count score everything as a whole??. I know that some colleges used to you make it up by taking it as a pre-req to get in. I'm sooo confused and nervous. Thanks!!!


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on our entrance exam we had to score a 55 or better for each part.....anything below a 55 on any part your not can retake the whole exam when offered again,but not just a specific part...

i also hate math...i went online to do some practice test on just husband helped alot as he is a walking calculator:chuckle

and i have been a LPN for over a year now....:nurse:

i graduated from college many yrs ago as a preschool teacher and all of my classes transfer BUT i would have to take college alg and chem......those classes are the reason i wont go....that is how scared i am......:banghead:

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