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Schoolcraft College hybride course Information?

Hello all,

I need to take an A&P class at Schoolcraft college, as a guest student. The hybride classes are full, this is what I wanted to take. My question is, "what is the chance of a spot opening in a hybride class?"

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Can you tell me where is School Craft college is located??

I placed this post in the Michigan form (or at least I thought I did), so Michigan. Livonia, Michigan to be precise? May I ask you why you ask? I did get into a hybride course; I had to get up at 3am when there systems opened for the next business day. What an odd time for a school registration system to open, the schools I have gone to open their systems around 6am.


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If you got into Bio 236, keep watching the schedule to see if you can sacrifice somehow to get into an on campus version. I'm not saying its impossible, but I hated the teacher and I did drop. Took an in school version and got a 3.8. Not trying to discourage you. Just telling you what I saw. Class was VERY self guided. You only go to school for Labs & that was the issue honestly. You struggled through the lab with no help. The online tests were easy, but not very confidence inspiring because you could use the book.


Good Luck. It is possible, just study hard. You will need this stuff in nursing school.


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