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Alright, so I'm new to the board, well have been a lurker/reader but never posted, and I'm in a difficult situation and need advice :confused:

A little background: I was unsuccessful in passing the HESI exit exam before my graduation date, but was allowed to walk the stage and wouldn't be considered a graduate or receive my diploma until I passed it. Well I walked the stage in May '09 but didn't pass HESI til Oct, so I was considered a fall graduate and received my diploma in December. In June '09, I moved back home with my parents (rent free), and during that time up until Oct, I was depressed and discouraged. I kept telling myself I was gonna pass HESI and NCLEX and get a job as a RN in no time. Well I took the NCLEX in December and unfortunately did not pass. I took it really hard and felt depressed again and didn't re-register with the BON and PearsonVue til March.

After I paid the fees, I expected to get my ATT quickly since I was just retaking it, but didn't receive it til June. I kept calling both the BON and PV but kept getting the run around on why it was being delayed. Well I finally got authorized, but since I had got a job at a restaurant at the end of March, I was not studying as much (though i did do the Kaplan review and finished it in March, just didn't feel comfortable testing yet). So I signed up for the last day possible to test and gave my self

I know new grads have a hard time as it is, but since I've been away from the bedside for so long, I feel as if I'm an undesireable candidate.. well I know for a fact that is the case. I've been applying at all hospitals in my area and communicating with the HR of the hospital i was originally supposed to start at and hadn't heard anything til last Friday. I received a call about a critical care internship for GNs/new RNs with a starting position possibly in the neuro ICU (which is my desired area). all was going well, I did a phone interview with the HR person and was scheduled for an interview, just had to have the nurse manager approve. I got a call back from HR with some more questions on my background and what i've been up to since i graduated. I told her about my unsuccessful first try on the NCLEX and my current job and why there is a big gap between my grad date and now, and all she said was "ohhh". right then I knew I was screwed :/ she hung up with me, saying that she's still waiting on the manager to approve it, but then calls me back 15 min later and says they decided to "pass" on me, but maybe they'll have something else for me.

Talk about big discouragement! I've been trying to stay positive and am going to start looking into nursing homes/SNF/LTC, but really have no idea what to do. I have an aunt that is a LVN and in home health, but I'm not sure they would hire a newbie like me either. I'm thinking i really hurt myself by not getting some sort of job in the medical field or at least volunteering, and I honestly did not know what i could have done during that time, other than get some random pt job like the one i have now, especially since i was not licensed and do not hold any other kind of certifications.

help, anyone?

I'll graduate in a couple days, so maybe I'm not in an experienced position, but I think coming up with a practiced positive response to 'what you been up to in the last year' will benefit you. Specifically, I would not tell any hiring managers that you did not pass the HESI or NCLEX first go!!! You DID pass both of those and you are an RN and thats what they need to know! The past is the gone, no worries, take this moment forward and prepare yourself for the next opportunity coming your way. Remember you don't have to tell them everything, with a practiced response it will go better. ex: "what have you been doing this past year?" "I wanted to be the best prepared I could to pass my NCLEX, It's taken a little longer than I would have liked, but I've studied nursing knowledge thouroughly, I feel competent on the material and now I am an RN!*smile* Even though some time has past since I have been bedside, My desire to be a nurse has only grown, I feel prepared to take the next step and join yoiur team!"

Best of luck to you

thank you for the advice, I actually have an interview tomorrow morning for another spot for the internship at the same hospital but for m/s instead of critical care. The HR person did not ask this time what I have been up to since school, so I was trying to prepare for the interview in case the nurse manager does ask (which I'm pretty sure she will).

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