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I'm starting the LPN program in the beginning of February of 2017! I wanted to know how do you juggle being a full time student, Working a full time job and take care of a household paying bills? I know it's going to be a heavy work load but how can you manage?


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I didn't work full time through LVN school. I was/am a mom to 3, though. I had a good friend in schoool who worked full time nights as a CNA with more kids than me! I think it worked for her because she's sharp as a tack. She often fell asleep in lecture which frustrated some teachers and some students, but like I said, she was a kick butt CNA, a good test taker, understood concepts and excelled in clinicals.

I was not her. I needed sleep!!!! í ½í¸‚



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Yeah ...same reason why i cant gol back to Schóol yet ...I have a 5mo old n a six yr old struggling already n I don't even work right now cant imagine how it would be if I went to lvn school and managed kids home a husband work n school! Good luck though! !! You never know strong you are till you give it a try



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If youre a cna like myself weekends are good! I cant work during the week but some do. When my clinicals start in term 5 i do plan on dropping down to 2 weekends a month