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Hi, I was hoping someone out there could help me. After a long time of wanting to be a nurse I've finally decided to do it, however I can't decide between Alberta or British Columbia, Canada. Also I'm not sure which schools offer the course( I'm interested in becoming an LPN ). If any of you have any information on schools I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank-you.


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I am not familiar with the schools here, cause I'm an American and went to school in the States. I do know that although BC is lovely, Alberta seems to be taking better care of their nurses. I would research it thoroughly. BC has LOTS of taxes, Alberta has less. BC nurses top dollar is $26, Alberta pays $32. Full=time jobs are available in both provinces. You might want to consider a two year RN program (that's what the above rates are for). Canada is going to be phasing out the two year program and going to the four year (BSN), from everything I've been hearing. So, if you do the LPN thing now, it might be lots harder to upgrade later. Good luck.


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In regards to your letter, The program to become a l.p.n. in alberta is now 2 years I don't know about B.C. I am a l.p.n. in ontario and the hourly range is 18-20.00 per hour. The program here will be 2 years as of next sept. In ALberta I believe they make a little less 14-16.95 per hour, but with less tax so it probably works out the same. The R.N. program in canada now will be a 4 year degree program and of course you would make alot more money,but you do what you can. I have just discovered the goverment is looking into up-grading l.p.n's to r.n. status which would make a lot of sense considering the so called shortage. H ope this helps you out.

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