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I know I posted this on the other message board but I thought i would put it here as well. Im looking for a good BSN program. Any suggestions on schools?

The selection you make, as far as a good BSN program, totally depends on which state you live in. I would check and compare the passing rate on the NCLEX from graduates of their school, aswell as the reputation of the particular school(s) you are interested in attending. It may also help to ask your fellow collegues and professors at the school you are presently attending. Hope that helps. Good Luck!!!:)

I agree with focker. It depends on what state you live in. Here in Delaware I checked out the two colleges that were local as well as the one that is about 45 miles away.

I opted for the state university. The tuition was allot lower and the passing rate for the boards was just as high as the others.

The private college that I checked out was close to 15,000 more per year after all was said and done and the program was about the same except for the sciences which seemed to be easier than what I'm required to do where I go (which is fine with me because I feel that knowledge is power!).

Anyway, it's a personal choice. Check them all out and then decide which is better for your needs!!!

I posted an answer on your other thread, but i thought i would post it here to, since i am not sure which one you check more often, and since you were asking specifically about schools in the midwest, i can help.

I attend Truman State University (formerly Northeast missouri state university, name changed in 96).

We are the first ranked BSN program in the midwest for nursing, as well as any other university in the midwest. Our tuition is very reasonable, with room and board, it is about 8,500 a year, but if you opt to live off campus (as i do) it is right around 4,000 a year. We ranked first in US: world news and report, as well as Money Magazine for several years in a row. We have fantastic support staff, and professors. If you would like to check out this unversity, and our nursing program, go to http://www/

and look around. Any other questions you have about the midwest, i would gladly try to help. I am a nursing recruiter from our campus. Blessing-Reiman college of Nursing is highly accredited as well, but they are a private institution, affiliated with Quincy University in IL, or Culver Stockton, and their tuition is much higher. Missouri University at Columbia is another option, but they do not guarantee you a spot in clinicals, so progression may be delayed by an influx of classmates.

Good luck hunting!

My LPN license will be active soon and I am seriously considering going back to work and back to school to 'get my RN'. Because I already have a B.S. degree in Rehabilitation Services I would like to move directly towards my BSN. Does anyone know of a good distance learning program besides Regents/Excelsior that offers this?

Thanks for your help.

How do you find out the pass rate of a particular school? Anyone have an opinion regarding Community College of Southern Nevada (Las Vegas)? :confused: Thanks!


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