School Started Yesterday!

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I only had two classes, but after being out of school awhile, I felt like WOW! LOL!:)

Had Dosage Calc early, she's a nice teacher, wanted us to decorate our folders that she'll use for our homework and such, then we started to go over some general math.....discovered that my trusty calculator didn't work! *SIGH*

Then, on to Anthropology~ an instructor there who is wonderfully informed, but "goes around the world" 20x before he gets to the point of the actual discussion.....

Last night, I had to go get my Adult CPR re-cert.....I let it expire without realizing it! LOL :)

Today I have English Comp II and Ceramics (which they've not decided if a book is needed or not yet...)

But will I make it this semester? Yes! I will! Just having a slow start, is all.....

Good Luck to all of us in our new classes!

Hugs to you all~~~

Julie :)


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Good luck Julie! Have a good semester. I start next wed.

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