School prospects with AA


I am looking into applying at a school for my BSN into nursing. I currently hold an AA I'm business. I am understanding from some short research that I will still need some pre-req nursing classes before I can start the program.

My particular question is aimed at what school would be a good starting ground for me? I'm in the Kansas City area, I only work part time roughly 25 hours a week at an office and I have a 3 month old son. My spouse and mother (who is an RN) are more than willing to cover the basis of helping maintain my home for studies.

I am looking for the most cost effective route here. I keep seeing WGU as an option but I've been weary of its accreditation. Can anyone give some insight here?

Thank you.

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WGU's pre-licensure program is only available in Indiana, Utah, California, Florida and Texas. Unless you're willing to commute 4 times a year for two weeks each time, that is not an option for you.

Also: WGU is fully accredited and an National League for nursing Center of Excellence for nursing education.

Also: It's 'wary'


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Thanks for the information. I suppose I spelled wary wrong as I am weary with a 3 month old!