You might be a School Nurse if...

  1. Some of you might have seen this already but I think it's really funny

    You might be a School Nurse if...
    1) You have been accused of growing head lice and planting them on specific children.
    2) You have questioned a child if their vomitus looked like lunch or just nasal drainage.
    3) You provide free day care for sick children who apprently have no parents from 8am to 3pm.
    4) You don't have to ask a child if he forgot to take his medication before school (as you scrape him/her off the walls, file cabinets and ceiling).
    5) You use technical terminology like "does it hurt real bad?"
    6) You personally know of more than one family that has moved to be away from you and your head lice policy.
    7) You have had to explain to the administartion that there are rules and regulations you must follow that supersede what a pricipal tells you ("What do you mean Nurse Practice Act?")
    8) You are a lot nicer and more patient in September than May.
    9) Children will point to you in the supermarket and say "Look Mom it's the bug lady."
    10) You have to explain to a parent that eggs and nits are the same thing. ("My kid don't have nits, them there things are just eggs.")
    11) You give out love just as often as Band-Aids.
    12) You wish teachers would understand that you really don't need to see a student with a 6 day old hang nail, chapped lips or sore pierced earring holes.
    13) You have explained to a parent that children do not fake a temp of 104.5.
    14) You cry when you think of what some of your students go home to.
    15) You know that you really and truly make a difference in the life of some children...


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  3. by   MomNRN
    I love it - how true!
  4. by   gwenith
    Not a school nurse but I can relate!!
    1) You have been accused of growing head lice and planting them on specific children.

    It must be tempting though.................
  5. by   MomNRN
    Never tempting because I have to call their home and be verbally abused by the family!

    I was once accused of "F*&(#@^% harassing" a family due to my repeated calls home. Their child was a chronic lice kid and almost always full of nits. Since we have a no-nit policy, she would have to be checked before re-entering school. That was always a treat because they would then have to bring her in themselves. They made a small attempt at being nice albeit rarely! I was tempted to check their heads too! The only way that family would get rid of the lice would have been to burn down their house!

    Who knows what we will see when school starts in August? I am praying they move!
  6. by   Josie K
    School nurses in the UK have errdicated the role of 'Nit Nurse' Best available evidence! Parents own the problem. Not medical/nursing problem. Teachers deal with 'freedom from lice'.
    School is responsible for Quality of Ed. (learning capacity in itchy kids is disrupted, therefore quality of teaching is flawed if child cannot concentrate.