what is school nursing?

  1. Hi, I am going to be graduating in December with a BSN. I am interested in school nursing for several reasons. I was wondering If the nurses feel as though they are doing "real" nursing? What is a typical day for a school nurse? People comment that it is just putting on band aids. there must be more to it than that. I would like to hear from people about their experiences.
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  3. by   Lynn38
    I have been a school nurse for three years and yes in some ways it does not feel like any other nursing that I have done but I love it. No it is not just putting on band-aids its everything from being a couseler to checking for head lice. My typical day starts about 8:00 am with setting up meds. for the kids and getting swish ready (rinse for teeth,K-6)then I start my charting for the day. usually I have set times that the teachers have me come in for discussion on health issues. I also plan out when to do head checks, visions checks hearing and I check thier backs once a year to make sure there is no unusal curves etc. You must also do lots of paper work and keep each childs file up to date with shots etc. the only bad thing I have run into are some parents and administrtion that thinks your job is a waste of the schools money.