What do I need for my office space?

  1. I will be starting my new school nurse job on Thursday! So, tell me... What "essentials" do I need, to keep on/in my desk?? I'd also like to compile a little reference library of books to keep there as well. Can you think of any great references to keep at school?

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  3. by   Purple_Scrubs
    I have the comprehensive text of School Nursing (or something similar to that) from the NASN bookstore. Awesome text that I have pretty much read cover to cover. I also have my Pedi text from school (a little outdated, but helps), a Medical Spanish book and a Spanish/English dictionary. I also have a binder of info I have printed out on different conditions with divider tabs to keep it all organized. You'll probably also need a "cheat sheet" of your state's immunization laws.

    Other than that, basic office supplies should do. I buy my own nice pen, post-its, etc. My new favorite thing is this organizer I purchased from the office supply store that hangs on the wall and organzies my forms and handouts. I LOVE it! Here is a link to a similar product...


    Good luck!
  4. by   bergren
    I was just asked the same question by someone else, and this is my list in order of priority:

    Join NASN www.nasn.org

    Lexi Comp Pediatric Dosage Handbook
    AAP Red Book
    AAP Managing Chronic Health Needs in Child Care and Schools
    AAP Managing Infectious Diseases in Child Care and Schools
    Scope and Standards of School Nursing Practice
    School Nursing: A Comprehensive Textbook
    Delegation of Care: Overview for the RN Practicing in the School Setting
    Protecting and disclosing student health information
    Legal issues in school health services
    How Schools Work & How to Work with Schools (NASBE) http://nasbe.org/nasbe_marketplace/i...oduct_id=29925

    Getting old, but......
    Individualized health care plans for school nurses

    A 2003 article in the Journal of School Nursing listed emergency supplies:
    Recommended Minimal Emergency Equipment and Resources for Schools: National Consensus Group Report