want to transition from veteran/geriatric nursing to school nursing

  1. I am an RN, BSN new grad May '06 and have worked at a military hospital in western washington since then.
    I'm feeling extremely burnt out of hospital nursing. I always knew I had a passion for helping people but I believe hospital nursing is not my passion.
    I'm feeling really sad about the fact that I don't like hospital nursing when all this time I thought I have a passion for helping people. The schedule and chaos in the hospital burns me out. I would like some routine where I am not dealing with different people almost everyday. I want to be able to follow them....see how they're doing...not just see them for the time being then see them again only when their conditions get worse and they have to be back in the hospital. I want to be where I am able to prevent sickness, not just treat it when it's there. I want my care to be more preventative.
    I think I would make a great school nurse. I think I'd love working with the population, even if it means I'd take a pay cut I would. But where do I start? Who do I ask? Where can I find information? Please help.
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Try going to the websites of local school districts to look for information about substitute opportunities. As a sub, you'll get to try the job out and you'll make contacts that can help with the hiring process for a permanent job. The pay can be meager, but the experience is valuable.