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  1. I am currently working as a substitute school nurse and I have a job interview coming up for a district school nurse position. I am a nervous wreck when it comes to interviews. I am not sure how to prepare for a school nurse interview. Do any of you have any suggestions on preparing for interview or common questions asked at school nurse interviews? Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks so much in advance!!
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  3. by   Cackalacky
    I personally didn't find the interview to be any different than any other interview. They seemed to focus on being resourceful though, such as, what would you do in this situation, or describe a situation that you have been in where you had to make a judgment and how would you apply that here - but, every interview asks you that. Also think about how you work with others; as you know, you are representing nurses while working in a group of faculty and staff. I think already being in the field helps. Just refer back to what you learned and use them as examples often during the interview.
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    Thanks for your feedback!! I have been going through things in my head along the lines of what you mentioned. My interview isn't until next Monday; plenty of time to think of answers to your potential questions (and drive myself and my family crazy).

    I'm really dreading the "describe yourself" question. Did you get that one? If so, did you answer with a personal or professional description? Thanks again!!
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    I think I got that question, but in a different format. They asked it more in a series of questions that went between both professional and personal. Come up with an answer that can describe personal characteristics in a professional manner. Such as, "I find that I easily get along with my co-workers and that that quality builds the team. I look forward to hearing new ideas and ways to improve myself."
    The way I feel about interviews is that it's your time to shine and talk about yourself. Build yourself up and remember that these people know nothing about you and you have a limited time to tell them all about how great you are and what experiences you've had. Refer back to moments that have happened in the work place and how you handled the situation. My professors always told the students, "You have a skill they need." Tell them all about it and make sure they know that there is no one better out there!
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    Just had my interview. I think it went well. There were a few concerns I had, unfortunately I would make less then I do working two days a week currently.

    My other concern was teaching a Health Occupations Class to high schoolers twice a day. Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks.
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    I am a HS nurse and I teach one hour a day. One semester is Intro to Health Professions and the other semester is Medical Terminology. I enjoy the teaching (most days). It kind of breaks up my day and I get to know a few of the students on a different level.
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    I didn't get the job

    So now I have had two interviews for school nurse positions that were unsuccessful. I have another online application out there currently. I would love to get an interview for this school nurse position. Will have to wait and see. It sure is hard when you really want something and you keep failing and not getting the job!!