The Whole School Nurse Thing

  1. I'm part of a new school-based program in Australia. As shocking as it may seem, two government departments communicated & cooperated which has resulted in the placement of Health Dept Nurses in Education Dept schools. This allows us to offer students true confidentiality if they want it, and to cross boundries/kick-down barriers that have impeded school student access to health services. I'd be interested to hear from anyone doing the whole school based thing elsewhere to compare & contrast how we "do business". Cheers, NurseBoy

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  3. by   Sue Harty
    What sort of a service do you provide and to whom? I'm interested as I am a school nurse in a boarding school (Sydney). We provide on-the-spot health care for day and boarder pupils. We run an immunisation programme and provide ad hoc counselling.
  4. by   MollyJ
    Hi there, I am a little unclear about what it is you are doing. In America, we have what are called school based clinics, which are run in different ways depending on a lot of things; they may be open 1 or 2 days/week or full time. They may provide school PE's, sports PE's and well child care and some acute care for children without a primary. They may provide well-baby care to infants of students. Parents may have the option to sign consents saying it would be okay for their child to be seen at the clinic at enrollment and then their child can be treated for anything from an OM to STD. These variables depend on what the community will fund, what parents will be comfortable with and other resources.
    Is this comparable to what you are talking about?