School Nurses with a Masters in Education...

  1. ... how does your role differ from a regular school nurse? There is a school nurse certificate program near me, and after you complete that program, you have the option to go on track to get a M. Ed in School Health. It sounds like an interesting degree to have... but I am wondering what the benefits are to get it, career wise? Do those school nurses get paid more? Or do they teach health classes as well, since they have an education degree?
    Thanks for any insight.
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  3. by   MommyandRN
    Bump! I am still curious about this.
  4. by   okschoolnurse
    I am currently finishing my MEd. I am really doing it for myself. It will get me a whole $500 a year more. Big deal. It has taught me the educational language so that I fit much better into the educational system. I am not a regular class room teacher, but I do teach health lessons k4 - 12. but not because of my MEd.
    Every state is soooooo very different in what is required to be a school nurse.
    In Oklahoma you have to have a BS or be working on it. It does not have to be a bs in nursing!!!! You can have an ADN and get a bs in underwater basket weaving for all they care. We sent our transcript and copy of nursing license to the Dept of Ed and they send us a piece of paper stating we are a school nurse. Then we just send them more money every 5 years.
    As a certified staff member, I do have to have the same staff development points that other certified staff have to have.
    I do not remember, are you currently a school nurse? What state are you in? What are your state requirements for school nursing? I do not see my MEd as a career boost in the public school system except it gives me credibility with the certified staff and just makes me a better school nurse over all. I do see it making me more marketable outside of the public school setting as in teaching in career tech, working in public health or even staff or patient training and development in a health care system.
    Good Luck
  5. by   MommyandRN
    Thanks! No I am not a school nurse yet. I may start subbing soon. I do want to do school nursing down the road when my kids are in school and really look forward to it. So I am starting to look into school nurse programs now to prepare for later.
  6. by   SchoolNurseBSN
    Just curious about this and bumping it up again. I want a Masters, but really do not want to go back through a Nursing program!