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    Is there a program in Georgia to become a certified school nurse?
    I am going to refer you to the National Association of School Nurses

    or email them at

    Certification can be obtained through ANA, a national School Nurse Certification group (see nasn WEB PAGE), and individual states. Here in MN we have a separate license.

    Martha Dewey Bergren
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  3. by   hadden
    Is there a program in Georgia to become a certified school nurse?
  4. by   ksheriff
    There isn't a certification program in GA and at the present time it isn't a requirement to be a school nurse. You can become certified through exam offered at different sites, do contact NASN or ANA for more info. I am presently the secretary for Georgia Association of School Nurses. We are now at 183 members. For more info, check out our web site: //
  5. by   Hilundlass
    I encourage all school nurses thinking about taking this test to "go for it". I was not convinced that my high school or District would really understand , but I'm glad to say I was wrong. All of the teachers who have National Board Certification at my school made sure to come by to congratulate me. I also received recognition at the school board meeting and on the District website. Because I provided documentation about the exam beforehand, the District agreed to reimburse me for the cost of the test if I passed. The lead nurse in my District also is certified and was extremely supportive.

    This does not make me a "better" nurse merely by initials, but it does seem to change the way I am perceived with educators.

    Highland Lass
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    The DEADLINE for the next National Board for the Certification of School Nurses certification exam is December 31, 2008. The exam is administered 2 weeks in February, 2009 and is administered in computer testing centers around the US.

    NBCSN develops and implements the voluntary certification process of school nurses. NBCSN is a member of the American Board of Nursing Specialties.

    The new Certification preparation manual is sold on the NASN web site
  7. by   bergren
    Only two more weeks to register for February national school nurse certification exam!!