Schoiol Nurses & The Use Of Contracted Nurses


    This is a problem I just came accross while trying to find a school nurse position. In Ohio, a nurse that receives a BSN can take a few more education courses and apply to the department of Education and receive a school nurse certification. I first became a teacher, so I entered nursing school with a B.S. in Education. After I completed nursing and got my BSN I received my school nurse certification.

    Now here is the problem I what to make all readers aware of. In some school districts, the schools contract for other nurses from the local health departments etc. This way, the school system does NOT have to pay the nurse a teacher's wages with benefits (IE, Christmas vacation, summer vacation, etc.)

    Indeed, it seems a shame that after obtaining a school nurse certification, the very schools we have trained for to help-now contracts the lowest bidder!
    I would be interested to read any and all thoughts regarding this problem!
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  3. by   LucyGoosey
    Do you as a teacher belong to teacher's union? Maybe they could help hold everyone accountable.

    Don't get it... They offer/require the certification only to turn around and do this to those who follow the program?

    More salt in the wound would be with how much does it cost to be certified?
  4. by   MomNRN
    I think this is a valid complaint. In our Illinois district, you are not compensated (nor encouraged) to hold the school nurse certification. We are also a member of the support staff union, not the teacher's union.

    It seems years back there was a nursing coordinator with the certification who was compensated for that level of education. She abused the position to such a point that the requirement/incentive was removed.

    I feel I would be better represented by being a member of the teacher's union as opposed to the support staff union. My main contention is that I too have a higher level of education and was required to pass boards to get a license.

    Our district doesn't see it as such. I am just as valuable and appreciated as the feeding aides!
  5. by   schoolnurse007
    Yes, MomNRN, it is indeed a sad state of affairs! It is a shame your administration punished everyone for the actions of one person. I couldn't help reading you're valued as much as the feeding aide, beleive it or not, you're valued more than we are where I'm at now!
  6. by   temptaker
    Outsourcing for contract nurses only serves the administratiion's needs, and leaves the students without the school nurse who is committed to them and actively promotes their welfare. Where does the pressure need to be brought to bear? On the districts who hire them, or the nurses who are providing the service? Something to think about.