samples of sanitary pads?

  1. Anyone know of a place that will send school nurses samples of sanitary pads? This is the first year my school has had some in the older girls' bathrooms, and, boy, they're using a lot. I've been bringing supplies in from my home b/c it's still a pretty small amount they need, but I'd love to find a company that donates!~

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  3. by   Flare
    proctor and gamble may send you some educational pantyliner packs, but they only send you so many.
    I keep them in my office bathroom (and only keep about a dozen or so in there at a time) so that the girls have to get them from me rather than fill their purses from an unmonitored bathroom. Also - don't get them anything they will particularly take a liking to. Think bulky and institutional so that they will ask for them only at the intended time - emergencies.
  4. by   mycsm
    I buy a package with my own money and I charge the girls a quarter for each pad they need. But I encourage all the girls to bring in a bag with pads/tampons for their own use. Some girls have gotten very creative with decorating their bags.
  5. by   Sudsy
    That's such a nice idea to encourage them decorate their own bag! My own dd wears cloth pads and we had a nice time together going online and choosing the fabrics.....