Professional improvement plans

  1. In my state we have to complete a yearly PIP or professional improvement plan. It's like a project that you will complete within the next school year. An action plan for a specific illness or an outline of managing a specific issue or enhancing learning in a specific field are all examples of what's been done in the past. I am usually at a loss up until then last minute then i typically come up with something. Anyone else here have to do this? Can anyone help me out with any ideas??
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  3. by   bergren
    Some of these suggestions are from the "Boredom on the job" post.

    If you are not aware of what the greatest needs are in your building or district, what you can say you are going to do is a needs assessment - to determine where your efforts need to go:

    Conduct a needs assessment
    - What are your top 5 visits to health office?
    - What are top 3 injuries in school?
    - Calculating the average BMI of your school.
    - teacher survey / parent survey?
    - Use the CDC School Health Index to evaluate needs in your school
    - Use EPA IAQ Tools for Schools
    - Conduct a teacher survey of health information topics they are interested in
    - Ask science teacher when the research process lesson will be conducted - see if students can do a audit of bathrooms - water temp, towels soap cleanliness?

    Start monthly / quarterly annual report - Don't let your achievements be overlooked

    Visit your job description and rewrite it

    Start a immunization awareness campaign for the next school year - bring together your partners: PTA local paper, local health care providers, health department etc.

    Improve your school health office website

    What software program do you want to learn? take a PowerPoint, Excel, word processing tutorial

    Write a newsletter item for the faculty or parent newsletter

    Put together an inservice for staff

    Start a Biggest Loser or fitness pedometer competition for staff

    Apply for a grant
  4. by   bergren
    You could also say you will sit for the National Certification
  5. by   Flare
    The kudos on the bottom of the posts don't cut it... Thanks a million!! Lots of great ideas
  6. by   Artistyc1
    For my project last year, I planned a school health fair. We had 35 different organizations that showed our community what services they had to offer. We had health food store reps, the fire rescue people, ambulances, massage therapy, acupuncture, pediatricians, etc. It went very well! One of our local grocery stores even sent their executive chef to make berry, yogurt, and granola parfaits. :-)