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  1. Hello everyone! I just got hired as a school nurse.. this will be my first job after graduating.. can you tell me some of your experiences as a school nurse? what common problems do you encounter? thanks..
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  3. by   jahra
    Congratulations on your new job! Since I have been out of
    school nursing for a while, I'll defer to those nurses with current

    You might want to look at the National Association of School nurses,
    lots of good info there that may help to get started...

    For example--
  4. by   School_Nurse01
    Thankyou very much..
  5. by   bsyrn
    My best advice is get to know the other nurses in your district, they will be an invaluable resource to you. is an excellent website, I use it regularly.
    School nursing as a first job out of school may be difficult as your assesment skilles may not be developed yet. You will learn as you go and utilizing will help also. If I can be of any assistance, PM me....Good luck