PA Archdiosese New Mandatory Reporter Training Program

  1. The Catholic school I cover as the certified school nurse in the local district, is requiring all staff and volunteers to partake in a child abuse training workshop. The volunteer RNs are also required to attend. Am I, as an employee of the district required to attend the Catholic school mandates? The reason I ask is I was made aware of this today and the last class was held in November. The volunteer RNs were only recently informed, and all have missed the deadline and can't volunteer in the school until the next workshop is scheduled, which won't be until the spring, at the earliest.
    Any insight?
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  3. by   MinnieMomRN
    Hey there,

    My school is within the Boston Archdiocese. Anyone, professional or laity, must take the course if they are working with children. This is all part of the Catholic Church's efforts to protect children since the sex abuse scandal broke. Overall, it's a good thing. You won't find any of the information presented new to you as a nurse, since we are already mandated reporters. You may want to contact your archdiocese, as I would think your status as a licensed nurse and mandated reporter would be sufficient until you take the next course offered.

    Good luck!
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  4. by   intheweeds
    I am in the New York Archdiocese, and I second what Minnie said. We are all required as well, but the classes are relatively frequent so it is easy to schedule them. There is even an online listing and sign up. I would contact the higher-ups and see if an exception can be made until the next workshop. Explain to them that RNs receive child abuse training as part of their RN licensure.