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  1. hobiehobie

    Mass state mandated screenings

    I have screened during regular visits and I am surprised how many can be done that way.
  2. hobiehobie

    Mass state mandated screenings

    How did you get their height and weights?
  3. hobiehobie

    Mass state mandated screenings

    Does anyone mass screen their school? How do you set it up and how many students can you screen? I want to be as disruptive as possible but think it would benefit the students to finish up as soon as possible.
  4. hobiehobie

    need advice

    Thank you for this explanation. I feel much better today than I did a few days ago!! There are a lot of changes in our district and I need to sit back and relax. Like you said this could be an opportunity.
  5. hobiehobie

    need advice

    I am not sure if this question will make sense but... I am a certified school nurse in Pennsylvania. I have been employed as the full time certified school nurse for the last 3 years at the same school. This year I have fallen victim of the economy and have been demoted to a long term sub with full salary and benefits. Am I, as a 'sub' allowed to work independently or do I have to work under another certified school nurse? I think I am letting my emotions get the best of me and am over thinking this but I have gotten several answers from several people in our district, including the union. I have read the PA school nurse manual, along with the PA school nurse code and can't find anything that would require me to work under a certified. Any info would be helpful.
  6. hobiehobie

    Replacing School Nurses with Health Techs

    I think any profession could be minimized, but not advisable. I am curious as to how many people responding to this post are full-time (certified-if our state requires certification) school nurses?
  7. hobiehobie

    Back to school hygiene assembly videos

  8. hobiehobie

    Back to school hygiene assembly videos

    I have to put together a back to school assembly for middle school students(6-7-8). Last year I used "Why Don't We Do It In Our Sleeves?". It was a hit. I want to keep it fresh. Does anyone know of other videos I could use? Hygiene, infection control... Thanks.
  9. I am a certified school nurse in Pennsylvania. I am finishing up my 3rd year with 6 satisfactory evaluations. I am starting the process and paperwork to transfer my specialist 1 certification to specialist 2 permanent certification. The paperwork, specifically PDE 427 attachment A is written for teachers. Has anyone filled out this form and does anyone have any suggestions or examples for each section?
  10. hobiehobie

    Wanted: Clinical Experience For New School Nurse

    I knew from the beginning of nursing school I wanted to be a school nurse. I took school nursing as my community clinical rotation. My mentor advised I get 5 years of hospital experience then look for a school nurse position. I thought this was excessive but did it anyway. Along the way I got my certification and took a part-time health room assistant job while looking for a FT CSN position. I was promoted within the hospital to a nurse coordinator. What I am trying to say is the best advise I got was to get experience before stepping into a school. My past experience allows me to advocate for the student and school because I understand the big picture. School nursing isn't about the band-aids and ice packs, its about how to create a healthier environment so each student can be educated. It is about understanding patterns, trends and what to do with this information. Assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention, and outcomes don't apply only to the individual but also to situations and the institution. Become proficent as a practioner so you can better serve the students.
  11. hobiehobie

    data needed to advocate position

    Thank you.It has alot of great templates and resource links.
  12. hobiehobie

    data needed to advocate position

    With cut backs and declining enrollment, my district has hinted the number of students will be the only factor that will be considered to determine the number of nurses needed throughout the district. I am compiling information that will support advocacy for our positions. I am hopeful that other factors are considered before they start slashing. Does anyone have any information on peer-reviewed, current studies that support the school nurse's role in the educational process? Also does anyone know of a template so I can compile the information in a meaningful way for a school board to read (ex. return to classroom #, referral return, # of free glasses, ...)? We have data from years back so any suggestions will be helpful.
  13. hobiehobie

    Sharing students' medical info with teachers

    I have a question and think I know the answer. I have an issue with teachers and secretaries taking phone calls and notes from home, and emailing the "team" with specific diagnoses and lab results. Sometimes I am not copied on the email, I get it because I am bc. To much info for the "team"?
  14. hobiehobie

    Free stuff

    Does anyone know of any websites giving away free stuff for my office? I am looking for samples, posters....
  15. hobiehobie


    Does the student who is wheelchair bound and diapered have a 1x1? How often are they brought down to be changed and do you assist the 1x1? If not how does the 1x1 change the student? On a table? How does the 1x1 transfer the student?