New nurse with School Nurse interview this week! Advice? =)

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    i'm a fairly new rn (adn) with about a year of doing prn and full-time nursing in ltc and mental health. i've also had about 9 years prior exp in the air force as an emtb working in ambulance services/urgent care, medsurg, family practice, immunizations and obgyn. recently i moved with my husband to alaska and now i am seeking employment as a full-time nurse. due to my husbands frequent deployments and tdys (eod) and having a 3y/o daughter plus not knowing anyone here to help, i am limited as to what jobs i can apply for. wish they had some kind of 24hr daycare plan at hospitals for nurses and other staff!

    anyway, i applied at several places, to include being a high school nurse. the next day i recieved a call from the school district nursing administrator and was asked if i could come in for an interview this week. when i applied i felt really excited and confident. now after reading alot of the post threads about others' experiences as school nurses i feel nervous as heck and wonder if i can really handle it or not?! plus i have very little exp with pediatrics as an emt and none as a nurse. so i'm not sure how i would sell myself. is my experience even adequate enough to handle this job? i don't even have a clue as to what to say during this interview because of my lack of exp with kiddos. lol freakin out here! =p
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    Your experiences, while not as vast as some, will probably be ok. A bit more acute care would untimately be ideal, but between the LTC and the experience in the airforce, you will surely be able to get the hang of managing a school health office. Go into th interview with a good attitude, a positive disposition and a smile on your face. Come up with a cohesive plan as to how you plan to improve yourself before the interview to educate yourself more in line with school nursing. A BSN program may be a good start or National certification. Even if you find a few local seminars or webinars, it shows initiative. Good luck!