New Grad interested in School Nursing

  1. I am a new graduate (as of one month ago) with my BSN. Yesterday I found out I passed my NCLEX. I have been seriously considering the idea of becoming a school nurse, I LOVE children and have always been great with them.

    I have been advised by everyone that I shouldn't become a school nurse as a new grad, and that I should start out in the hospital doing acute care.

    Do you agree with this?
    Any reasons to encourage me to pursue school nursing right out of college?
    Would a school consider hiring a new grad?
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  3. by   AlaBro2010
    The only reason people mention to go to the hospital first is because it sort of opens that one year of required experience door for many many positions. It's up to you whether your willing to face the challenge of getting a hospital job if school nursing doesn't work out. I faced that decision when I was offered a public health nurse position but I always saw myself in a clinic so I went for it. 6 months later I don't regret it at all. Whether you can qualify depends on the state and place. For example, in a rural county they may have CNAs as school nurses. So that just shows you how that varies. My nearby county requires a BSN, 1 year of nursing experience (in public health or hospital).

    If that's what you've always wanted to do, go for it! Hope that helps.
  4. by   Flare
    It's not impossible to be a school nurs if you have no acute experience - it just make the job tougher on you. you are typically in the office alone with nobody else to consult with. If your assessment skills are good, then you can get by - but most nurses will tell you that their skills did not get honed until they got out of nursing school and to the bedside. Another point is marketablility - while hobs in school nursing are typically pretty secure once you get settled, bear in mind that nothing is set in stone. Schools do get closed or merged. Services have been getting cut back. In short - it's possible that you may find yourself in the position that you may need to have another type of nursing on your resume. A year or two or med/surg nursing right out of school is a very common move and is what many employers would be looking for.