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i have been and rn for 22 years with my last 7 years as a school nurse. july of 04 i took the certification exam for school nurses and failed by 6 points. i am retaking it next weekend. i saw 2... Read More

  1. by   bergren
    Illinois school nurse certification requires a bachelors degreee, specific masters level classes for certification and two exams. There are 4 universities who offer the certification classes:

    University of Illinois - Chicago - online
    National Louis University - hybrid
    Southern Illinois University - f2f
    Millikin - independent study

    National certification is accepted in lieu of proving you have taken continuing ed to maintain your state certification. It is not accepted in lieu of state certfication. You have to get the state certificate.
  2. by   skoolrn
    Hi Critterqueen!
    I took and passed the NCSN on the first try 5 yrs ago and I am about to renew. I used the Manual of School Health as my study guide and colleagues who have also used it have also passed on the first try. Having said that I also have a couple of colleagues who have not passed the NCSN after taking it 2-3 times. Some people are poor test takers but great nurses. My best advice is to remember that you have to think nationally. What your district does may not be the right answer. I wish you luck!
  3. by   bergren
    The deadline for the NBCSN National School Nurse Certification Exam in February is December 31st. Put this on your Holiday Wish List!!!

    The national exam for school nurses is held two (2) times annually. It is offered at various locations throughout the country at Testing Centers near you!!

    Upcoming exam dates: 2/18/2012 - 3/3/2012

    For more information:
  4. by   iamadreamer
    [FONT=comic sans ms]to: ruralschns
    I am scheduled to take exam in Feb this year and just found your post. I didn't see a let me.
    I took the review course and it was excellent. I was able to network nationally, study the whole review manual and receive 5 questions for each chapter from everyone who took the course.
    I would highly recommend if you have not taken the test, to sign up for the review course.

    I was able to look on the Certification site and saw many of my fellow students who have taken and passed the exam the 1st time. I hope I am one of them as well. I waited a cycle to take my exam.
  5. by   iamadreamer
    to: bergren

    i am going to pay for the practice test on the website ($75). would you say that if i am able to get either high 80% or in the 90%, i am probably going to be able to pass the exam?

    have only been a school nurse for 2.5 years and i am a little nervous about the with test anxiety.

  6. by   ruralschns
    Thanks so much iamadreamer! I am going to sign up for it this spring and go for it!!