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i have been and rn for 22 years with my last 7 years as a school nurse. july of 04 i took the certification exam for school nurses and failed by 6 points. i am retaking it next weekend. i saw 2... Read More

  1. by   fritzer
    Thanks for the feedbac. The information is all over the place as to what is helpful. I have most every listed reference of the suggested resources and feel there is enough information for many years off studey although I have been a school nurse for 17 years. Our study group is outlining segments of the outline and sharing the outline, then meeting to discuss. We have nurses joining us just to expand their knowledge and it looks to be a fun as well as studious endeavor. I found a resource which a different approach altogether as opposed to memorizing what seems an potential infinite amount of information. I ordered the study guide for kicks and I'll let everyone know via this site in a week or two.
  2. by   fantasie
    Just curious, what are the requirements to take the certification test? I know for other certifications, I was required to work in my field for a certain amount of time, needed supervisor's recommendations, etc.
  3. by   bergren
    The requirements are listed on the website:

    Eligibility to sit for exam:

    Currently licensed as a Registered Nurse in the United States or the equivalent in other countries.
    a. Attainment of bachelor's degree or higher, or the
    equivalent in other countries.
    b. Current certification by NBCSN as an NCSN.
    Must be currently employed in school health services or school related services.

  4. by   bergren
    The December 31st due date for registering for the NBCSN national certification exam is fast approaching:

    The national exam for school nurses is held two (2) times annually for anytime over a two week period. If the chosen test date later conflicts with your schedule, it can be changed within the two week window. The exam is offered at various locations throughout the country at computer testing centers near you:

    Application Deadline Examination Date
    12/31/2007 2/16/2008 - 3/1/2008
  5. by   Hilundlass
    I'm signed up to take the test this summer and I have made use of my NASN membership to access all the online articles and position papers. Now I just have to stay focused and review small chunks at a time. I'm using flashcards sorted into topic chunks.
    Any suggestions on which books are best as reference? I have the Selekman book, btw.
    Also, I heard a rumor that someone is going to publish a study guide this spring? Any truth??

    A Highland lass at heart.
  6. by   bergren
    Jan Selekman has just started the study guide. Go to and ask for the new list of books for reference - your strategy is a good one. Do you have friends signed up or can you talk some into it? A study group is a good idea too.
  7. by   bergren
    The deadline to register for the National Certification exam is May 31st. General information:

    The exam is offered at a computer testing center near you twice a year. The May deadline is for the July 26 - August 9 exam period.

    To find the closest test site to you:


    Currently licensed as a Registered Nurse in the United States or the equivalent in other countries.
    a. Attainment of bachelor's degree or higher, or the equivalent in other countries.
    b. Current certification by NBCSN as an NCSN.
    Must be currently employed in school health services or school related services.
    Handbook and application:

    A new preparation book will be available through NASN by the end of June.

    Fee $275.00

    See a list of the nurses in your state who are nationally certified:

    Contact a state liaison with questions or apply to be a state liaison:

    The state liaison may be able to help you organize a study group.

    Good luck!!!!!!
  8. by   bergren
    The certification preparation book is in print: If you order today, it will arrive just as the immunization compliance deadlines are passing, giving you plenty of time to prepare for the February 2009 NBCSN School Nurse Certification Exam (

    The computerized exam is offered over a 2 week period at a testing center near you.

    Selekman, J. & Wolfe, L. (2008). School Nursing Certification Review

    Certification application deadline December 31, 2008.

    Good luck!!
  9. by   CAsabu6701
    I took the school nursing certification exam in August and I need to retake it because I missed by 4 points. The passing score is 74% for all of you who are preparing to take it. I found the test to be tricky....I recommend reviewing test taking strategies as well as the reference books recommended.I am rusty in test taking strategies and the fact that there was no review book prior to now made preparing pretty difficult. I just purchased the Certification review book which has practice questions. Massachusetts requires school nurses to either have a Masters degree or become nationally certified.I have 11 months til my provisional department of education certification expires and only 2 more attempts at the NBCSN exam. 4 school nurses in my district took the exam last summer at only 1 passed the first time.The pass rate was in the 70th percentile which is very telling (and the best pass rate so far)! I am taking a review course and studying the areas that I need to improve in hoping that the second try will be my last. Hope this helps!
  10. by   bergren
    With a score that close, you should do just great the next time. The new Certification Prep book should help as well as a study group.

    When I took the exam I had a flight to make and could not use the entire testing time, and as a result I did not dwell and second guess myself or over thin the questions.

    Good luck on the next exam and let us know how you do!!
  11. by   CAsabu6701
    Thanks for the words of encouragement!I should nail it the next time (hopefully)...although I know some nurses who have taken it 5 times.
  12. by   skoolrn
    I passed the NCSN test on my first try. I used The Manual of School Health to study from. Then I wrote notes in the book and passed it on to colleagues who also passed on their first try. However, I do know at least 2 other colleagues who have not passed the test yet. It is not an easy test and its hard to determine what the answer is when you have to think Nationally vs locally when answering questions. Good Luck!!
  13. by   CAsabu6701
    Thanks for the tip....I will review the Manual of School Health also. I prepared for the last exam by reading School Nursing a Comprehensive Text by Janice Selekman and also reviewed the NBSCN secrets from an online search. My colleague purchased the flashcards from MoMedia and said they were not worth the money. We are preparing to form a study group and take a prep course as well. The added pressure of an 11 month timeline and a possible loss of our job is adding to our anxiety level...Massachusetts has changed the requirements for a school nurse since we started in 1994.A BSN was the only requirement back we have to take and pass the Teacher's Test and within 5 years either obtain a Master's degree or pass the National Certification exam.All these requirements and we do not make a teacher's salary Thanks for your post!