Kindergarten Registration

  1. Years ago, when the nurses supposedly "didnt have enough to do", they were put in charge of Kindergarten registration and the Free/Reduced Lunch Program. They finally got Food Services to to the Free Lunch, but still do Kdg. registration. It's very time consuming and mostly unrelated to nursing. The only things the nurses need are the Immunizations, Physical, and Health History. They still receive and collect the English as a Second Language Survey, Birth/Baptismal Certificates, Proof of Residency Materials, copies of Social Security Cards, Student Registration Forms, and even fill out the Registration Card for the kardex in the main office. How (and when) do your schools do Kindergarten Registration?
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    Yes at my district we do the K-registration thing too. I agree with you, this is strictly clerical and I do not know why the nurses have to do it. Seems like we would be better utilized in the clinic's than sitting at a table doing paper work. We are a group who many in the educational field do not understand. I suppose things will never change:angryfire
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