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    Hello! I am a '04 graduate from Ohio with a BS in early childhood education who has student taught first grade, aided on a bus for special needs and preschool children, and substitute taught. I am currently working as a nanny of a 2 yr old in northern VA due to not wanting to teach, so I have endless patience. I am considering a career as a school nurse and am wondering what you all can tell me! Also, I am wondering if I am cut out for it. I love the elementary school setting and I love the children. I'm not so fond of most other teachers due to the very "almightier than thou" attitude. But don't feel bad, it comes from being in control of your own classroom says my sister (3rd grade teacher for 10 yrs but not like that). I however do not have that complex either. I am not afraid of (as I have seen on these posts) vomit, snot, lice, etc. (You know, all those joys of working with young children!) And I don't mind the bothers of students with the sunscreen all over their bag or the poo on their shoes, in fact those are the instances get a kick out of. I decided I don't want to teach for many reasons having little to do with students. I am just not one for the whole group instruction and all the lesson planning, as well as bring so much work home, grading papers constantly, and the new 'teaching to tests' methods. What I am getting at is am I cut out for the job? I graduated from a university with a 3.5 gpa and that is with skipping a lot of classes (ah college days) but would be much more serious this time around! So here come the questions: Would I hack it in nursing school? What do you have to get to be a school nurse? What does it cost and how long does it take? Is there any way to avoid the waiting list for school? How difficult is it to get a job in an elementary school since there is usually only one nurse in a school? What is a day like in your life? Is the schooling full or part time? What type of school is best to go to? Is it a good profession to go into anymore or should I steer clear? Any or all answers would be great! What do you think!!?
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    Oh and I forgot to mention that I am aware it does not pay great, but I'm not in it for the money...or I wouldn't have become a teacher either! Are the benefits and retirement at least decent though? It has to be better than a nanny where there is none!
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    Well - if you have the drive and know the basic of the job, then you may be onto something.
    First thing is first - what are the requirements to be a school nurse in your state? In taking a quick glance at the oasn site, it looks like you need a bachelors and an RN AND a school nurse license. OHIO ASSOCIATION of SCHOOL NURSE
    This will require you to go to nursing school AND attain higher education towards school nursing -the good news is that some of your classes from your degree in early ed may cover a few of the classes required.
    Nuring school is tough and requires a lot of time and dedication. You can't relive your college days and skip class, as you will miss a lot if you miss class. You will also have to complete clinicals, which are pretty rigorous.
    After you finish nursing school, it is advisable for you towork in a hospital to get more experience -remember that as a school nurse, you are essentially alone. You can also work as a school nurse substitute for a while to get a taste of what it's like.
    As far as getting a job -it really is dependent of where you live and the demand. Working as a sub may help, as it gets you exposure in the districts.