Just a poem I wrote the other day

  1. "THE PLUG"

    I've been sleeping for days--may I please have a break from my mind?
    As the colors flow fiercely, piercing objects--I grasp on to the concept--
    But only for a moment; as it shreds away beyond my reach of dreams...then it unfolds;
    I can now tell the difference
    The difference between two scents as they separate from one aroma,
    Like two brothers of the same father not knowing their mother--
    Two stipulations of a contract that are spelled out the same, yet having two different meanings when they fall from the law
    It's summertime now
    I can feel the warmth of the sun as it beats on my face and runs through to my toes
    Not knowing where the chill came from--I try to collect all my thoughts
    But then it dawns on me
    Is this a visitor from the past?
    Do I know you, or owe you an explanation of my thoughts?
    "Go away;" so I think
    Safety is only an issue of your conscience
    Insecurity--like a beast from the pit,
    Keeps beating you down like you're a villain on the screen
    So you reach for reality
    So they can tame your dreams and shape your nightmares to the things they fear most?
    What is it anyway?
    For every one of these questions I present follows an infinite array of 'so-called' answers
    I cannot reproduce my imagination into a conceptual object for others to ponder
    Living, and breathing-in our atmosphere, is about the most remote task one can feel accomplished with
    For it is our destiny that fuels the slaves of our mind to keep it all together
    Harmonious gestures of the song deep within--
    As it flows through your head unconsciously throwing emotions
    Now comes the tear
    As you try to dry off your eye you think of the Wiseman who wrote you this note
    "Who is this disturbed soul," so the 'others' ask?
    You just smile quietly to yourself
    ...As they're pulling the plug
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