incident report specific for blood and OPIM exposures

  1. I am interested in knowing if anyone is using an incident report
    specific for blood and OPIM exposures. I have a copy of one but would
    like to put it in a more "lay-friendly" format, one that doesn't sound
    as alarming as the one I currently have. I work at a school where
    English is not the first language of about half of our students'
    parents/guardians. Any comments, feedback would be appreciated. mary jo f
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  3. by   valk
    Are you looking for a form for your own records or one to inform parents that their child has been exposed?
  4. by   mary jo f
    I am looking for a report that would be sent home to the parents. mary jo f
  5. by   valk
    Sorry, I have never seen such a report form. Anyone else?
  6. by   MomNRN
    We just use the basic injury form. We have a different protocol to follow, but no special form for parents.
  7. by   renerian
    Brigss makes a nice one. That is what the company I used to work for used. You might be able to get a sample or see it on line.......

  8. by   renerian

    see if you can view a form or request a sample........pretend like your wanting a sample to present to a committee to possibly buy it. LOL. That is what I do. They stamp copy on it and you cannot copy it but could make something with bits of it and other parts of other froms (copyrighted)