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  1. I was a contract nurse for a special ed school but did not have any students requiring invasive procedures. Recently, administration insisted that I write planning notes prior to IEP meetings, documenting the need to see certain students on a daily or weekly basis so they would qualify for more funding (ex. having a student who had been seizure-free w/medication for 6 months begin to "check-in" at the clinic daily, even thought the parent objected and there was no Rx). I refused, documenting my observations with supporting data. This happened on several occasions, and I eventually resigned because I felt it was fraud. The principal told people I was a disgruntled employee, even though my evaluations for 4 years had been excellent. I have been reluctant to use him for a reference, but I do not wish to go into details and appear to be bashing. Did I overreact? I have not been able to get another school nurse job.
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    Wow..that is funny...

    Point Blank...If the students was not taking sz meds during school hours..Medicaid will not reimburse the school district...You can document all the Depokene and Tegretol in the world...But if they was to get audited and the school district has no records of a physician order to give meds during school hours. Somebody is in trouble...Plus someone has to give and document they gave it..Now if it was in there IEP that they receive meds during school hours or any type of nursing care ( trach care, g-tube feeds) and it was not true...Will that will be on them and not you b/c hopefully you was not the person who signed the ARD paperwork stating "yes I agree this child will get these types of services met while in school. Get a copy of your evaluations and maybe written recommendation from the special ed teacher or assistant principal......

    Good luck.....