HS vs. mid. school vs. elem.

  1. I have been a nurse for 27 years, and have always done some kind of pediatrics, birth to young adult. But I have only been in school nursing a very short time. I really like the elementary level but am thinking about a switch to H.S. I am just a little afraid of my ability to tackle those teenage issues that I have not had to deal with before(pregnancy, sexual issues, drug issues).

    Anyone willing to offer an opinion on what age range you work in and offer pro's and con's? Have you made a switch and how did it work out?

    My reasons for possibly switching: first and foremost, job availablity. In addition, quite honestly, I have bad knees, and sometimes think dealing with older kids might be a little easier on them (all that squatting to fix the little knee boo-boo's from the playground).

    Any discussion is appreciated.
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  3. by   luvschoolnursing
    I went to high school after 5 years of elementary. I took the job because that was the one available, but was glad because that was the age group I wanted. It can be a bit overwhelming at first because a lot of the kids are bigger than you, but you get used to them quickly. I like this age group better. They can be frustrating as you can see if you read some of my other posts, but I particularly like the teaching you are able to do with this group and the conversations you can have with them. You will learn quickly not to blush because they will tell you EVERYTHING. Often, things you really don't want to know. As far as the pregnancy, sex issues, you learn to deal with them matter of factly and hopefully do some healthy lifestyle teaching as you go along. Good luck with whatever choice you make.
  4. by   Artistyc1
    I had, at first, worked at in a school where I had grades 3 through 12. It was too much of a spread of types of need. Everything from little boo-boos of the very young kids to pregnancies and STD's. I found that I preferred the elementary school, and am at one now. I really enjoy seeing the little ones grow up before my eyes. Also, I hated having to assist with all the HS sports physicals, which were in the hundreds every season, when I always had an office full of sick children to begin with.