1. I am trying to get into school nursing. I need help with resume. I am not good with interviews, my nerves get the best of me. Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    It would be helpful to have a year of nursing experience. Think positive and believe you are the right person. Don't be afraid because students are like your children or nieces and nephews, big or small. Relax and talk to the interview person like you would if reassuring a patient you are caring for. Mention if you have dealt with asthma, diabetes and seizures, the big 3. Mention any experience with the age group you will be working with. For example day care if seeking elementary or any sub nurse experience. Let them know you are comfortable with emergencies, being firm with students. Some give you senarios. Just remember to care for the student, call for help and notify the parent and principal. They don't want to hear you recite airway steps, they want you to tell them SHORT major steps in resolving the situation. Ex. splint the arm, call parent, if major- call 911 and notify office/principal. Your resume could be brief leaving out IV START EXP. BUT MENTION EXP WITH CHILDREN IN HOSP SETTING. GREAT ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS, GREAT COMMUNICATION SKILLS. EXP WITH DIABETES, SEIZURES AND ASTHMA. Remember, these are nonmedical people reading your resume. You don't need 2-3 pages of indepth detail with confusing medical jargon. I would make it short and brief. 1. Heading (name, address, phone and cell numbers). 2. Education(degree, school, year) 3. Interest/hobbies (desire to work in school setting, reading, internet research) 4. current job to last job Ex. Staff Nurse St. Joseph Hospital New York, NY Cared for patients on neurology floors that included teenagers. Managed asthmatic and diabetic teens. Used great communication skills with teen patients. Assisted with crutch walking, breathing treatments and changing dressings. (title, place, date, short 4 sentences focusing on school related nursing skills or exp as mentioned earlier.)After an interview I usually ask a few questions to let them know I'm interested. Also add that I've always wanted to be a school nurse. I leave with a warm handshake and smile looking the person in the eyes. And I say, "I would love to work for this school. Thank you and have a nice day". Just be yourself and know you are capable as any other nurse. Go get your job!
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