Global Pandemic

  1. Is your school system preparing for a Global Pandemic ?
    What are you doing ?

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  3. by   Keepstanding
    Maybe you might be able to help with this, you are a wealth of information !
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  4. by   bergren
    In a nutshell no one is doing enough with schools. Illinois department of Public Health is including this in the fall school nurse workshops and I am anxious to hear what is presented. For now, the best thing to do is to get serious about student and teacher handwashing. Make sure washrooms are fully stocked and sinks are working. And make sure parents know the signs and symptoms for when a child should NOT be sent to school.

    If this happens, they say the panic is going to cause more morbidity than the flu, but I have not seen any good plan to deal with that.

    Help - who knows more?