1. I started school nursing 4 yrs ago as an LPN. I recently obtained my AD and received a permit on 12/28/06 and became an RN applicant. On Thursday 1/18/07 I passed the NCLEX. I am the first nurse in the school system to change my job status. My direct supervisor is not a NURSE and truly understands nothing about nursing. I was told after turning in my permit that I could not receive a raise until I officially had my license, to add insult to injury when I informed him that I passed the NCLEX, he e-mailed me back and said, congratulations and when you receive your license you will get your raise. I can remember when I worked in the hospital that RN Apps received RN pay, or maybe I'm wrong. We are only paid monthly so this means that even if I receive my license in the next week or two, I will not see the extra money until the end of March. This truly SUCKS! Any input would be appreciated.
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  3. by   Keepstanding
    CONGRATULATIONS on passing the NCLEX
    I am an elem. school nurse as well. A LPN Too ! My school system is just like yours. Once you can provide proof that you are now a RN, it is then that the higher pay rate goes into effect. But if that is in the middle of your pay cycle, then they should start the pay increase on the day proof is given.
    So hang in there. You definitely deserve the increase. Enjoy your new status. Come back to this site is a good resource for us school nurses !

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  4. by   edgwow
    When you provide the valid RN liscense number to the employer, you should get your raise. You will get your liscence # when you recieve your actual liscence in the mail. That is the way it was 20 years ago when I graduated.
    Congrats on passing the NCLEX on the first try. Hard work, but oh so worth it!!!!
  5. by   elemschoolnurse
    I guess I am being impatient again! Its hard to be excited about passing, because nothing feels real yet, if that makes sense.