Fluoride mouth rinse program

  1. Does any school nurses in NJ use the FLUORIDE MOUTH RINSE PROGRAM? If so how does it work for your school?
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  3. by   Artistyc1
    I am in NY, but I had the program for 5 years. I abandoned it last year, as I was having difficulty getting teachers to buy into the program enough to give the rinse as instructed. They just did NOT do it!! It got to be such a problem that the rinse was expiring before it was used. As I used massive amounts of my own time to set this program up, you can imagine my frustration. As I am in a rural, low income school, this was doubly upsetting. For so many of these kids, this was the closest thing to "dental care" they would get!
  4. by   Flare
    I am in NJ, but honestly i don't know much about the flouride programs. can you enlighten me at all? perrhaps this is something i should be doing or perhaps this is something i will avoid at all costs!
  5. by   delianelson
    We use the program. Kindergarten children participate in it after lunch every friday. We bring down small cups of fluoride rinse and they swish and spit it out. Thats it! Simple and permission slips signed by parents for participation.