First Aid Kits for Teachers/Office Staff. What do you put in yours?

  1. Hi all!

    I just started work as a school nurse last week. I wanted to get together a list of supplies to put into first aid kits to put in the teacher's rooms and the office. I was wondering what other school nurses were putting in theirs' to give to staff?

    My list:
    Alcohol swabs
    Sterile Gauze
    Adhesive tape

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  3. by   missfixit
    I put:

    Written instructions on how/when to use kit-- laminated
    2 pairs of gloves
    a snack size zip-lock bag (in case a student looses a tooth)
    Antiseptic wipes

    Personally, I would not put tape. I doubt the teacher/staff would ever use or need it.
  4. by   Purple_Scrubs
    All mine get is band aids and one pair of gloves. Anything more serious than a paper cut I want to see with my own eyes. I do not trust the judgment of some of these teachers!!!
  5. by   luvschoolnursing
    Mine get bandaids, gloves, a few 2 X 2 pieces of gauze and an antiseptic wipe in a ziplock bag. The teachers that need more (like the cooking teacher-think sharp knives) ask me for what they need. Also the office gets some pads/tampons in case I'm not around when they are needed.
  6. by   SchoolNurseBSN
    Mine always get 5-6 safety pins for clothing issues!!!!!!!
  7. by   tsansom
    I put one pair of gloves, wipes, bandaides, safety pins, tooth keepers, pupil referral slips, and this year I included some peppermints.
  8. by   manjaNurse
    Oh wow!! I'm a new school nurse too...and I put so many items in my first aid boxes!! Am I being too cautious??
    I put gloves, safety pins, cotton balls, gauze, antiseptic creams, bandaids, anti itch cream, medicated oil, Paracetamol, handrub, sunscreen lotion (cos i have too many extras), alcohol swabs, normal saline.
  9. by   kidsnurse1969
    I also included simple cheap cpr masks, 4X4 gauze and an abd pad for major bleeding. I would refrain from putting any medicated creams or substances in the kits.
  10. by   Nurse_Ziba
    We don't put first aid kits in every room because they don't really use it and the clinic is accessible. Some teachers would ask for band aids for students who will complain of microscopic boo boos. Frankly regardless of the case I would prefer to see it myself than let the teachers intervene.

    We provide first aid kits for our school bus (they are also trained to do first aid every beginning of the school year). It contains 2 pairs of gloves, brown paper bag, sanitary pad, plastic, band aids, 2x2 and 4x4 Sterile gauze, betadine, spirit of ammonia, micropore tape, cotton buds, cotton balls, kelly forcep, bandage scissors, elastic bandage 2 " 3" 4", ziplock, thermometer, alcohol, and contact numbers.
  11. by   mustlovepoodles
    We don't provide first aid kits for teachers either. I work in a small school which serves an impoverished population. There is very little money in the budget for clinic supplies and I'm NOT going to be giving out bandaids like water (they will give kids bandaids forjust about anything). If teachers want to get their own bandaids(which I encourage) they are welcome to do so. I do have fully stocked first aid kits which I provide teachers when they go on field trips, along with the health records and phone numbers on each child.
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  12. by   mr.brice
    We are a school of 300 students (K-12). I also don't provide first aid kits in each classrooms. There's one in Montessori (K) classroom and on our school bus.
    Montessori fist aid kit has bandaids, antiseptic and a thermometer.
    The bus driver requested only some gloves, bandaids, antiseptic and an emesis bag.

    I also have a small fisr aid pouch for field trip use only. It has gloves, antiseptic, bandaids, tapes, pen, papers, scissor, safety pins, pads, thermometer, sunblock, disposible splinter kit and gauze.

    I would rather assess any students, teachers or staff anything more a scratch too. Some teachers intervene too much and take over my role as a school nurse!
  13. by   pvtschoolnurse
    At the beginning of this year I supplied all of the classrooms with most of the supplies that others have listed; bandaids, gloves, wound wash, cotton balls, Q-Tips, vaseline, etc. Unfortunately most of the first aid kits have gone unused. I will collect them at the end of the year and may go back to having one first aid kit for each hallway.
  14. by   DistrictNurse19
    I don't put antibiotic creams/wipes because they are considered "medications" and we need written permission from the parent/guardian as well as written authorization from the healthcare provider for any and every medication, including OTC's. Our teachers seem to believe that Vaseline will cure everything...but I don't supply it!