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I work in a private (religious) school with a significant population of people from a country where having lice is regarded very casually. My school is strict about its no lice or nits policy. ... Read More

  1. by   Sudsy
    In the case I originally posted about, it was siblings, three in my school and three in the other school.
  2. by   safarirn
    Ahhh. I apologize. I forgot what the original post even was & had to reread it! I thought this was a family that transferred to a new district & you wanted to tip-off the other nurse.
    I was wrong. I think I got 2 topics mixed up. Sorry!
  3. by   Sudsy
    No problem . Nice to have a response, in any case!
  4. by   Kim O'Therapy
    Quote from Sudsy
    Interesting f/u: I've been reading "School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text" and on p. 608 it says "When it is known that students in one school have possibly exposed students in neighboring schools, the school nurses for those schools should be notified".
    What does your school policy say? Unless the older siblings' school is somehow connected with or chartered with your school, I would have to place HIPAA before passing along any information. If the parent were to become angry over the shared information, she/he may have a good case.
  5. by   Sudsy
    My school has almost no policies about anything! Love the place, but I'm really starting at ground level.....
  6. by   missfixit
    I am by no means an expert on this topic, but I think student's medical information mostly falls under FERPA regulations. I am sure HIPPA applies in some instances as well.
    Anyway, as I understand FERPA- information that needs to be shared to insure a student's safe attendance can be shared on a need to know basis.
    Therefore, I do not think head lice would potentially affect the student's safety, so I would not share the information with the other nurse.