Did she really just ask me to do that!

  1. Good morning my fellow school nurses my rant of the day student comes in needing her inhaler look up to see if she had one in the clinic apparently mom told her to come to the office because it's here no paperwork or anything stating the inhaler in clinic called mom telling her she does not have one but brother has one here mom states can you just give her his they take the same kind of inhaler really mom I can't do that it I have to see the label with her name route dose and how often I can't deal! I paid too much money for these license just bring in inhaler and the right paperwork plz and thank you
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  3. by   MLPN
    Oh boy!!!! This sounds very similar to my home care client's. Take care and remember to always CYA! Lol
  4. by   tining
    Boy with rolled ankle, mom asks "have you done an xray yet?"

  5. by   tining
    OMG - THIS